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Sabado, Enero 7, 2012

Cavite Houses

"Find your Home today"

Cavite housing provide amazingly beautiful house and lot designs at a price that is absolutely unbelievable

FOR INQUIRIES please contact CHRISTIAN M. NIEBRES                                                       Cellphone Numbers: 09069061929 / 09466777517                                                                                       

"My dream is to own a home." This is what we frequently hear to anybody who’s dreaming to have a comfortable manner of living. All of us would be happy and contented owning a property in which we will never regret of having it. Cavite housing is the best choice for you. It offers beautiful house and lot designs in a very friendly price.You will be assured that cavite house and lot is what you've always want for you and your family.

Cavite Houses2
The pictures above are some examples of cavite hosue and lot. It includes the Alice,DianaColleenHavenSophieMargaret, Gabrielle and Alexandra.

Lunes, Disyembre 19, 2011

Ibalong Festival

The Ibalong Festival


Ibalong Festival is a week long feast that is celebrated every second week of October in LegazpiAlbay. This is a celebration depicting Bicol's early beginnings as portrayed in the "Ibalong" epic that tells of super heroes Handiong,BantogBatlog and Oryol, villains and wild animals that roamed in the ancient times. Revelers parade on the streets wearing masks of these heroes and villains. There are also other festival activities that include tours, trade fairs, exhibits and beauty pageants.

Ibalong 2

It was year 2009 when I first join the Ibalong Festival. It is an epic with heroic figure which tells about the adventures of three Bicolano heroes (Handyong, Bantog and Baltog) who fought against the monsters that destroys the whole Bicol region.

There is lot of contingents from different places of Bicol who aims to win for the competition. During the presentation day, all of us need to do our best to have an excellent performance. We know that the other contingents were also well prepared that’s why our group should perfectly present the epic.

When the event has started we focused on delivering our presentation. We should make no mistake in order for us to give pride in our school and not to waste our sacrifices during our practice. Everyone is energetic and serious to give full effort to amaze the audience.

After all the contingents have done with each presentation, it is now the time for the most exciting part of the competition. It is the awarding of winners. During that time our emotions are mixed, we are praying that we must also get at least an award. We are all very surprised when we were awarded as the best in most of the major awards. We got the 1st place in street presentation and warrior queen of the year, 2nd placer in costume and props and music, 3rd placer in exhibition and above all we are the overall champion.

Embarcadero de Legazpi

Embarcadero de Legazpi

Embarcadero de legazpi is one of the most amazing places in Legazpi City. It is located near the Kapuntukan Hill. This is the best place to relax, enjoy and experience adventures.

There is something that makes Embarcadero de Legazpi special to me. It is the place where I experienced the most unforgettable moment in my life.
It was during Vacation (May 2011) of this year when my family and I went in this beautiful place and we celebrated a happy reunion. I am very glad seeing our family that our life had at least a little improvement. We have now time to have family gatherings and it really make our family to build a stronger relationship with each other.

Kapuntukan Hill (Sleeping Lion)

Kapuntukan Hill
Popularly known by LegazpiƱos (people of Legazpi City) as the Sleeping Lion, the Kapuntukan Hill is one of the best places to see a panoramic view of Legazpi City in Albay, Philippines and the towering Mayon Volcano. It is located about 500 meters from the Port of Legazpi and it is adjacent to embarcadero-de-legazpi a lifestyle hub and shopping center in the heart of the city.

The Kapuntukan Hill is fondly named as the Sleeping Lion Hill because of its shape – and it can be easily remembered by tourists after they visit the place.

My Camera


Why I am passionate about photography?

        I was in my secondary education when I noticed that I am passionate about photography. I started it by taking pictures of every little creature that I see. I appreciated the existence of everything that even a small insect can also give beauty because they were also part of this world.
What does photography make in my life? Well, it is a simple form of art where I can express my emotion. It teaches me how to value everything around me and make me realized that all of us are important. We should be remembered and recognized so by means of photography we can keep things alive and memorable.